Born and raised in Houston, DJ Ne-Mo, AKA Gene Morris, started his musical journey when he was 12, when he was given a musical instrument by his parents. It was at this moment that Gene knew he wanted to surround himself and be part of music. After his first event, he was addicted. Whatever your event, wedding, birthday party, or company party, Gene makes the day truly special.

It’s not really a job if you love what you do.


DJ and owner Brent (Doc) Watts got his start DJ'ing when he was about 7 years old.  His parents used to send him upstairs with stacks of 45's, and he would play music for hours while they danced in the living room.  Once he reached 13, he used every penny he could save to purchase records.  By the time he was 16 (which was over 25 years ago), he purchased two turntables and began to learn how to mix music.  He now does all of his DJ'ing digitally, but still has his record collection. Music has always been his passion.